Pure Form 6 week summer solution (Exisiting members)

Pure Form 6 week summer solution (Exisiting members)

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PFT is teaming up with LAZARO NUTRITION for our next 6 week challenge

Weight-loss = “Move more and eat less”.

What does that even mean? How do you put it into practice in the real world?

At PFT, we have you completely covered with the “move more” part, done in the most effective way possible.

To tackle the nutritional side of things, we partnered with a leading expert in the field, LAZARO NUTRITION to provide our most comprehensive dietary strategies to date.

❓Do you struggle with food cravings? 🍰 🍔
❓What strategy is best for you?
❓Would you prefer a simplified and sustainable approach to weight-loss?

We have the answers...

✅ PFT’S 6-Week Summer Solution ☀️

#PFTfamily #BetterEveryDay #SummerSolution


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Challenge Info:

Pure Form 6 week summer solution (Exisiting members)

Dates: April 29, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Reg Deadline: April 28, 2019

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Registration: $39.00

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Note: This challenge is only available to members of Pure Form PFT West Sac